20 Questions you should ask before booking your Wedding Photographer

Selecting a photographer is one of the most important aspects of your wedding

Your wedding is not an everyday event, nor is choosing a photographer.

We have listed 20 questions that you should ask before booking your wedding photographer.

We assure you that we will give you the service, care and quality photograph’s that you deserve.

Here we go: 20 Questions that you should ask your Wedding Photographer before booking.

  1. How early should I book our wedding photographer? (Probably one of your most important considerations)It’s all about getting the photographer you want. If you’re wedding pictures is very important to you (and we hope it is), you will want to book as early as possible to ensure you can get the photographer you want. It is never too early to book your wedding photographer, as we tend to get booked from 12 – 24 months in advance.
  2. What happen’s if the weather is bad on our wedding day? (Another important consideration (in Scotland))We might get a bit wet! but we will get some stunning pictures! As you will appreciate this happens in Scotland quite a lot! We would discuss this with you during the pre-wedding consultation. We also have umbrellas and our equipment is waterproofed so it won’t stop us from getting stunning pictures on your big day!
  3. We have some idea’s for our wedding photography – Would you be able to do these pictures?We always try to give you the pictures that you want! We strongly believe that “it’s your day so it’s your way” so we would LOVE to hear your ideas! We will work with you and try anything as long as it’s not too dangerous for you! We don’t want you injured on your wedding day!
  4. Can my Guests take Pictures?Yes they can! We encourage them to get involved during the photo session and we are willing to give them a few hints and tips if they want! All we ask is that you give us some time alone for your images. The longer you spend with us the better the results, but ideally we like to spend about 30-45 minutes with a couple on their own.
  5. Do you have insurance?Yes, we are fully insured against public liability and Professional Indemnity and our equipment is fully insured for Theft, Damage etc etc.
  6. What happens if you are ill on our wedding day?We take painkillers and get on with it! On a lighter note we have access to a network of trusted professionals to help out so you would always have two fit and healthy photographers to cover your wedding day!
  7. So if we have two photographers to cover our wedding will that cost us more money?NO! We provide two photographers with our wedding collections
  8. Who will actually take our photographs?I personally shoot and process all wedding pictures myself (Steve Gauld) and I work along aside my trusted associate to provide you with stunning pictures from your day!
  9. Why should I hire a professional photographer instead of getting my friend/Uncle/brother/cousin to take my pictures?Your wedding will be one of the most important and most memorable days of your life. After spending so much time and energy planning the day, you have eaten the food, toasted with the drinks and danced to the band or DJ, enjoyed your honeymoon when its all over the only thing you’ll have left to show for it will be your memories, the wedding dress and your pictures! Your pictures will be there long after the memories begin to fade so you want to make sure at you have the pictures that can help you bring back all those beautiful memories of your special day and those moments captured that otherwise may have been missed.
  10. How much time will you spend at the wedding?That’s entirely up to you. We want our coverage of the day to reflect your needs so we can start from when you are getting dressed and end when your reception is over or just cover the wedding and ceremony. We will be happy to discuss this with you when we are going over the details of your wedding package.
  11. We like Black and White pictures. Do I get a choice?Yes, the beauty of digital photography is that any of your pictures can be converted to Black & White. We don’t charge any additional fee for this as some photographers do.
  12. Do you have backup equipment?Yes, we carry at least two cameras each and enough backup equipment so that in case something unforeseen happens, it will not interrupt our ability to capture your special day in any way.
  13. Will we and our guests and friends be able to view our pictures on the Internet?Yes, you can. You can send them a link to your password-protected site, we also leave your guests a card with the password details and everybody can download your pictures for social media so everyone the opportunity to relive your event! They will also have the opportunity to order prints if they wish.
  14. Do you have a wedding collection price list and options available for viewing on your website?Yes we do! but don’t forget any of the collections can be customised to whatever you want, we will work with you to give you the best possible package to suit your needs and budget.
  15. Can we add to the number of photographs included in our wedding photography package?Yes, you can add as many photographs or pages as you wish
  16. Do you do engagement shoots?We offer both bridal and engagement shoots. These sessions are included as part of some of our collections, or they can be purchased as separate option.
  17. My wedding is not on the Scottish Mainland. Is that a problem?No, not at all. Firstly, we do weddings throughout Scotland, for more remote Islands we ask for a small supplement for Travel, Ferry or Accommodation if a trip would require overnight accommodation but this would no more than to cover our expenses at cost
  18. Are you willing to take pictures of small family groups as part of your wedding photography?Yes, we are happy to photograph small family groups and individuals as long as the bride and groom are happy for us to take the pictures. We ask you to list any “must-have” pictures on the day. If you want a few group images taken it may well impact of your timing schedule but we would discuss all this with you at our pre-wedding consultation meetings.
  19. How do we book you for our wedding?It’s very easy we will arrange a meeting with you at home or in a local coffee shop (Coffee’s are on us!) and you can tell us about your wedding plans and we can show you our work. If you are some distance from our base we can arrange a telephone conference to have a chat.
  20. Weddings are expensive, do you have any payment plans to spread the cost? Yes, we do. Once we agree your wedding collection fee for your wedding day coverage we can break this down into a payment plan of multiple payments to suit your needsWonderful! How do we get in touch?Simple! Complete our enquiry form or give us a call or text on 0796207132. We reply to all enquiries within 24 hours

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