Should you say "I do" to Wedding Insurance

To have and to hold, what is Wedding Insurance?

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I really really do not know where to start with this one it’s such a terrible time for everyone!

So should you say ‘I do’ to wedding Insurance?
I am often asked this question by couples who hire me to photograph their wedding albeit some couples do not consider what will happen if their venue burns down or the cake goes missing, but it’s best to to be prepared in my honest opinion.
You only need to watch an episode of “You’ve been framed” to see just what can go wrong at a wedding, from ripped wedding gowns to washed-out receptions.

According to’s National Wedding Survey 2018, the cost of getting hitched has hit an all-time high, up by £3,365 – or 12 per cent – from £26,989 the previous year.

This isn’t necessarily because Weddings are being more elaborate, though – the survey reveals that supplier costs have increased by an average of 12 per cent every year so if you are getting married it may make sense to take out Wedding Insurance.

So Wedding Insurance? What is it? Basically, its a policy that covers you financially if something ruins your big day or it has t be cancelled or postponed.
But do you need it? This depends on whether you believe you need that peace of mind over and above any existing cover you might have. As your Wedding Photographer, I have Public Liability/Indemnity Insurance and suggest you read my FAQ’s to allay any questions.
However, my Insurance does not cover your Venue, Dress, Rings, Cake etc.

Nonetheless, if you have paid with a Credit Card for anything costing between £100 and £30,000 and something goes wrong you should be able to claim your money back from the credit card provider (Techy bit; Section 75 Consumer Credit Act). The Consumer Rights Group; Which? say that this includes problems with goods or services that constitute a breach of contract, for example venue double booking or cake going missing.
Also, you can also use the chargeback facility if you paid by Visa or Mastercard for goods under £100. Only problem here is that your card provider is not legally obliged to chase the money for you.
Your home Insurance may also be able to help, or at least allow you to extend its cover for a wedding.
CHECK you options and what is, what is not covered a stand-alone policy may be the best option.
I am NOT an Insurance advisor but common sense tells me to shop around. All policies are different but typically they cover the cancellation and re-arrangement of your wedding or reception due to accident, illness or bereavement within main wedding party or if a supplier goes out of business. Most policies also cover loss or damage (Damage/Fire/Theft), Wedding Outfits, presents, rings, cars, personal liability and legal expenses.
The amount you can claim depends on level of cover you purchase.
John Lewis for example:

Wedding Insurance cost example wedding photographer

What you cannot do is purchase and make a claim for a situation that you already know about, if you or your partner changes their mind, or you cannot afford to go ahead with your plans. Most Insurers have strict rules regarding Theft (My own Insurance does!) and will not cover from theft from vehicles unless they are in a locked boot.
Unfortunately, Honeymoon’s are not covered as standard, although some providers do bundle it in (Cost you extra?) Tip: If you already have annual travel insurance check to see if it will cover your Honeymoon or an overseas wedding?
So how much should you insure your wedding for?
That is entirely up to you and your budget, if you decide you want peace of mind.
Create a spreadsheet and add costs or estimates for your big day! Couples can easily spend around £4000 on the reception alone, dress and other outfits can add up to another £2000. Don’t forget to add rings, flowers, cake, photographer, honeymoon, stationary – even the Hen and Stag endeavours!
Wait!! don’t forget the wedding gifts. First Direct says that the average wedding gift was worth £47  With a typical reception hosting about 96 guests, this amounts to an average spend of £4,512.
So when should you get your wedding insurance, like your wedding photographer as soon as you want that peace of mind. According to ( some Insurers will allow you to buy cover up to the day before the wedding, providing “you know of no reason which may cause you to incur a claim before you purchase the policy”
Personally, I would ever leave booking your wedding photography that late!!
Work out how much you are going to spend on each item, then find a policy that covers everything on your list at the right amount for each item, shop around for the best deal there are lots of insurers out there.
After that can relax knowing that you are covered and look forward to you big Day! ????