Is it cheaper to get married abroad in Rhodes, Cyprus, Malta or Croatia?

Why Have a Destination Wedding?

Getting married overseas is obviously very exciting and alluring for many couples. Apart from the romantic idea of being in a far flung country tying the knot with your loved one, destination weddings also have a host of other advantages.

It’s easy to see why destination weddings are getting more popular each year for couples looking to get married abroad.

Here are a few of the advantages of a destination wedding versus a local wedding in your home country.

Destination Wedding Costs

Sorry but the bottom line is that a destination wedding is going to be a major consideration.
It’s romantic to fly overseas and get married in the sunshine on the beach but it can seem to be a bit of a splurge? After all, why add the cost of plane tickets onto your ever-expanding wedding budget?
BUT, it all depends on where you decide to go for your destination wedding, in a large number of cases getting married overseas can work our cheaper than getting married in the UK …. and your honeymoon is included.
Whist in the UK the average cost of a Wedding in the UK is in the region of £25,000 – £30,000 (Bridebook), a destination wedding in Cyprus (The Island of Love) fully inclusive wedding holidays start at £3,599.00 (LoveMoney), is it a no brainer?

Freshness & Inventiveness
It goes without saying, getting married in another country brings a whole new level of excitement and fun to your wedding – Both for you and your guests.
I’m going to be completely blunt! We have lots of lovely castles and Wedding venues in Scotland and the UK. Most have the grandeur of a medieval hall of one kind or another, and you will have been a guest at someone else’s wedding there … There is NOTHING wrong with that or have a wedding in the UK but why pay so much for a location and suppliers that does not excite you off the scale!
Of course getting married overseas only your closest friends and family will want to make the financial commitment to be at your destination wedding. Not many of your family and good friends will be able to afford the travelexpenses or get time off work, but good or bad there is nothing like a destination wedding to “trim the fat” off your guest list, making the wedding day itself much more intimate and personal for everyone involoved.

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