‘Elopement’, Engagement photography’ or ‘Pre-Wedding Photographs’ can sometimes be a confusing name for a photography session. It’s a shame because the one or two hours of your time can be the most pleasant, relaxed and valuable photography shoot we can do together.


If you and your partner are recently engaged or have been engaged for years and your wedding is just around the corner, you are not engaged and want to pop the question in a romantic setting or you have eloped to get married and want the small intimate ceremony photographed the shoot takes the same format.

For most engagement sessions you or I will choose a nice outdoor location and I will spend 12 hours taking pictures of you and your partner. If it’s an elopement I would spend time taking pictures of your ceremony and witnesses before taking some pictures of you both local to the venue. If you wanted to pop the question at some romantic beauty spot or castle in scotland I would plan the proposal with you and ensure that I got photographs of the tears and laughter.
I would use a natural style of wedding photography as much as possible, but also help out with posing tips and other directions if necessary. It is an excellent opportunity for you and your partner and I have listed a few reasons why you should do a pre-wedding photography shoot. I will refer to a pre-wedding shoot but everything in this post also refer to a surprise engagement or elopement photography shoot.

A pre-wedding photography session is invaluable as an experience and something I always encourage my couples to book.

Here are a few reasons that should make an engagement photography session one of your priorities.


The ‘Engagement Photography’ session allows you and your partner an opportunity to see how it feels to be together in front of a camera. Even if you are used to getting your picture taken on your own, having your picture taken as a couple is an entirely different experience.

To get the most natural photography from the session I will encourage you and your partner to be as natural and relaxed with each other, who does not like a kiss and a cuddle from their partner. This usually involves getting nice and close and trying to ignore I am there – It’s just you and your loved one!
LOL I appreciate that this is not easy to do at first and slowly you will relax and get used to the camera and forget I am there. This is the moment that pictures look more natural and we get some genuine moments of love and emotion in your pictures.

The session allows us the opportunity to become more comfortable in front of the camera as a couple before your wedding day. Come your wedding day, you will be lots more relaxed around posing and having your picture taken and know what to expect on your wedding day.


Just so you know what you are doing on your big day, I’ll get involved during the pre-wedding, engagement or elopement photography session and give you direction on things like location, posing and lighting. I may even give you some ‘homework’ to practice together before your big day.
This will mean you are much more relaxed i front of the camera and we get the best variety of pictures in as short a time as possible.
I am aware that you want to enjoy your wedding day with your family and friends so I would keep the photographs to as short a time as possible so you can relax and enjoy the day. `
With a pre-wedding or engagement photography session, time is on our side, so we can really slow things down if necessary to give you a chance to relax.
By taking part in the pre-wedding, engagement shoot you will know what to expect of me as your wedding photographer. This also means you won’t be surprised to see me lying down on the job or climbing through bushes to get the best picture.


It's your day so it's your way

If you’ve already had an engagement photography session w an opportunity ith me, you will know what to expect during the bridal photography session on your wedding day.

After the ‘engagement shoot’, you’ll have the opportunity to let me know which pictures you really like, for the Signing Board or the Wedding Signing Book.

Maybe there’s a pose of you both that you adore. Maybe there’s a particular background or an element from the session you loved, or even a style of lighting. This can make the photos on your wedding day even better, since you already know the style of photography that makes you look and feel your best.

The ‘engagement’ session allows you to see how the pictures of you and your partner look, and you can decide what kind of pictures you would like more of.


The pre-wedding shoot is another opportunity to get some awesome pictures of you and your partner in a completely different session.

You will be in your favourite clothes (opposed to wedding dress/attire) and able to do things you would not be able to do in a wedding gown or suit/kilt. being in more comfortable clothing will also change the mood of the photography too.

These pictures will be a nice reminder of how you were before your big day and before two souls became one. It might only be a matter of weeks before the big day but having this contrast in pictures adds to your family photography collection.
I always try and include something less focused on you, and more on the landscape, or a silhouette perhaps, its nice to have a set of pictures that captures you both away from the wedding day. The engagement photography shoot is just perfect for this.
If you have chosen the wedding signing board or the wedding signing book along with the wedding album your memories will


The pictures you get from your ‘pre-wedding’ photography session apart from either the signing board or wedding signing book are perfect for use as elements in you wedding stying!

I have had couples use the pre-wedding pictures on save-the-date cards, welcome boards, gift boxes, thank you cards, invitations and in slideshows for wedding speeches, as a recent example of you both as a couple.


I would usually take some pictures of you both individually at the pre-wedding shoot and I have found that clients love to use these for their Facebook profile page.
Booking an engagement session with stevegauldphotography is almost like having a portrait photography session and a couple pre-wedding shoot rolled into one!
You can use your pictures from the photography session as you wish

#7 - HAVE FUN!!

It's you day so it's your way

The engagement, pre-wedding shoot is all about capturing pictures of who you are as a couple and usually means having a lot of fun.

i wont ask you to skip around holding hands or do anything cheesy for the camera but if you both relax and just let go, the pictures will capture just how happy you make each other.

In our busy day to day lives we often forget to slow down and just hold our loved ones and tell them just how much you love them, the photography shoot can slow you down and bring you even closer together. Whatever, the reason for booking stevegauldphotography and a pre-wedding shoot I cannot recommend it enough.
INVEST in EXPERIENCES and MEMORIES – if not for you, do it for your children and grandchildren who will love to see how you were “back in the day”

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