A little about me …stevegauldphotography

There’s a few things you should know about Steve Gauld Photography… 😉

Hello, my name is Steve Gauld, Wedding Photographer based in Lanarkshire. I cover Weddings in Glasgow, Edinburgh throughout Scotland and the North of England. I am not one for talking about myself, so I will keep this short.

As with most photographers I prefer my wedding photography work to do the talking for me. I’m a normal, down to earth guy with a camera.

I’m married to my beautiful and amazing wife who along with my family are my severest critics. Originating from the east coast of Scotland, now resident in Lanarkshire. I had various jobs before joining the Police Force. I spent many enjoyable years with the Police and met a awful lot of interesting people. Since ‘retiring’ in 2006, I have invested in training and development as a full – time wedding photographer.

I love what I’m doing.

A wedding photographer must be the most, incredible and rewarding profession in the world.

Everyone, loves a wedding!

It’s a wonderful day full of amazing emotions. Willing to bet the last one you went to was like this! – laughs, tears of joy, family and friends from all over the world seeing each other for the first time in years. Its charming – imaging having the priviledge to photograph days like this every week. Photographing two people in love as they become husband and wife. Without doubt, one of the best job in the world. Above all, I’m a pretty normal guy who want’s to photograph your wedding. I want to create extraordinary wedding photographs for you to cherish forever.

Things I love

To start my day with a double espresso made from freshly ground beans. After a high protein breakfast, I head to the gym. Being strong really helps with carrying around 5kg of gear for 10 hours on a wedding day!

I’m such a geek! I love gadgets

I start work at 1pm thru to 9pm, as I find most couples prefer to meet during evenings & weekends, so my weekday mornings are my downtime.

On a wedding day, I will typically wear a nice pair of Chino’s and a shirt

My Style

My style is an electic mix of natural documentary coverage, mixed with creative couple portraits, a light hearted take on classic group photos, and detail shots. I love having a really natural feel to my work, so I use light to shape my subjects rather than photoshop. I do like some subtle ‘is it or isn’t it’ skin retouching, but the emphasis is on a natural, genuine feel.

My Approach

I’m creative, but also really organised… I invest time with every couple leading up to the wedding day. I include a planning meeting at the venue which is an opportunity to find out more about couples plans for the day and chat ideas about how the chosen venue and light can influence the photos. I ADORE working with couples who are enthusiastic about us working together on their wedding day. I love to create portraits that reflect their personality and relationship. Couples love photographs that capture the connections & personality of their friends and family. I like finding out more about couples plans for their wedding day. learning about their family & friends and who will be part of their bridal party