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To Have and to Hold ??

To Have and to Hold

Many say that the Wedding Album is a thing of the past. With the advent of the USB and DVD Disc’s it is not uncommon to see photographers offering you your images on one of these. They do this at because it’s cheaper and you do not get a hand-crafted Wedding Album to have and to hold throughout the years.

Fortunately, we supply stunningly beautiful Albums to our Bride and Grooms that are hand-crafted in Italy.

From this Day Forth..

At one time the only option available to Brides and Groom’s was the Wedding Album as a means of preserving the memories of the Wedding Day. In the past, this normally involved sticking the picture onto the page, or putting a sticky cling-film over the top of the images.

Yes, the USB and DVD’s are an alternative BUT the USB can stop working. Hardware, Software,  connecting the wrong type of USB extension cable may cause the ports not to work. Using a high-speed accessory with a low-speed USB cable causes this to happen, according to Microsoft. Some old operating systems do not support USB, some new Laptop’s and Tablets do not have a USB port.

If DVD’s are subjected to air, light, moisture, etc) continuously, a mere 2 years can be expected before they deteriorate!

If this is your one and ONLY record of your Wedding make no mistake about it the only tangible thing that you have to re-live that wonderful day will only last as long as the memory is designed for….. Many USB’s failures can happen within two years or less.


The Wedding Albums we use are GUARANTEED for life!

The includes the binding, one of the most important parts of the Album.  There is little chance of loosing an Album and the images themselves are printed onto the highest quality paper with a lamination to enhance the life-long heirloom. You do not have any frayed edges, no degradation over time.

For Ever and Ever

The value of a Wedding Album is immeasurable. Other than your Wedding Dress the Wedding Album is the only tangible keepsake that you will have once the champagne is drunk and the honeymoon is over.

A USB or DVD Disc is nothing to look at. There is no skill whatsoever in putting images on a disc or USB. Do you really want to risk loosing your memories of your very special day that you have paid good money for on a bit of plastic or to a stick the size of your thumb. Even with copy protection on the USB you could still delete all your images by accident.

Think about it this way, you spend £2000 on your Wedding Dress that looks absolutely amazing. You then hire a professional Photographer to photograph you looking stunning in the dress on your wedding day! So WHY, would you invest so much time and money in looking stunning on your special day to frankly hide them away on a DVD disc or USB.

You Album is the product of your Wedding day, the link to those memories that can never be re-created. Your wedding Album is the ONLY part of of your wedding that will increase in value after the day.

Your Wedding Album will be the only investment on the wedding day that will increase in value  as time goes on. Your memories will fade our Album’s do not.

‘Til death do us part

We design your Album from scratch, It will be as unique as you. From colour to materials, no two Albums look the same.

Your Album should be as unique as you and your Wedding Day itself. How unique is a plastic DVD disc or a USB stick.

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