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If you have booked me as your wedding photographer, I will have a pre-wedding meeting with you to go over the wedding photography schedule on your wedding day.
During the day your timetable should allow for the bridal pictures with your photographer.

The bridal photographs are when you and your partner (and sometimes the bridal party) escape for a little while with your photographer to get some pictures as a couple.



It is up to you but the best time is to have the bridal portrait session some time after the ceremony and before the wedding breakfast.

During the summer months especially between, 12 – 4.00pm the sun is very strong and high in the sky. The heat may well be uncomfortable for you in your beautiful wedding gown and the light is not very flattering at this time of day.
Consequently, I always try and do my best to take the bridal portraits in a shaded area, but sometimes this is not possible.
The actual time for the Bridal portrait session will depend on the wedding breakfast time as we cannot run late and let your food spoil.
But no-matter the weather I will do my utmost to give you a selection of beautiful bridal portraits from the session.

Bridal Wedding Photography|Where

On your wedding day I do not need to take you far away from your guests. Usually we would find somewhere close to the venue for your wedding pictures that we have agreed upon before your wedding.
Obviously, if you would like to go further afield, I am totally happy for you guys to jump into my car and do this for you. BUT if we were doing this later in the day after your wedding breakfast,  the hour before sunset is known as the golden hour due to the beautiful natural light. if we were to schedule some time away around this time your pictures would look amazing! Dependent upon the time of year and the weather conditions the sunset can be very brief so we are lucky enough to get a ‘sunset’ we may have to capture these pictures between courses!


Bridal Wedding Photography|Who

 Usually I will start off by taking pictures of you guys and the bridal party for a few pictures of everyone together.

After that it’s up to you if the bridal party hang around while you guys stay with me, or whether they return to the reception and leave us alone.

If the reception is nearby, i would normally advise that they return. this means they do not get bored waiting and also (more importantly?) it gives you guys as the newly weds a bit of quiet time to take things in!
You will also feel more comfortable and relaxed for your pictures if your bridal party are not watching too!

Bridal Wedding Photography|How

It’s only natural for people to be nervous or uncomfortable in front of the camera. Believe me when I say I hate my photograph being taken. Please do not worry too much about this – It is my job to calm the nervousness and awkwardness and bring out the true emotion and energy that can really make a picture that you will treasure.

I will pose you in a relaxed style (if you have done the pre-wedding shoot with me it will be second nature to you both). When I say pose, I do not mean I will be placing you in a stiff or unnatural positions, but just directing you both a little to make you look as awesome as possible. I’ll also make sure that you are in the best possible light.

Getting you guys to have a kiss and a cuddle as newly weds away from the madness of the wedding day, we can get some absolutely stunning pictures as you relax with each other.
Most couples comment after their wedding that they enjoyed this part of the photography, because it gave them a chance to spend a few minutes alone, to relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. I would hope that you would feel that way too …. ?



Bridal Wedding Photography|Final Words

My intention during the bridal picture session is too slow everything down so it give you guys a chance to catch your breath and to be ‘alone’ as newly-weds, so you can chat, relax and laugh (wondering what is going to be said at the speeches to embarrass you) and savour this time alone as a married couple.

it’s during this time we will be getting the pictures that you will treasure for the rest of your lives.
Now that you have read about the bridal pictures, I would recommend that you take a look at my other advice on Wedding Family Photography too – It might not be as much fun, but it’s definitely an important part of your wedding day.

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