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Something to think about before choosing your wedding photographer

Your Wedding Photographer 

As a full-time professional wedding photographer when it comes to finding a photographer for your big day wedding day photography samples play a big part in your decision.

OK a HUGE part of choosing your wedding photographer is subjective – Do you like my pictures or not? Whilst liking my work (and me ❤️) is pretty important if you are looking at a photographers samples and work that you should look for.

Your Wedding Photographer – The right samples

When looking at the Photographers samples from any photographer you’re considering make sure you’re requesting the right samples. Many wedding photographers will initially show off their highlights – a collection of their favourite wedding photographs from previous weddings they have photographed. Obviously, this can be helpful but you’ll really need to see a couple of sample album’s and some idea what a client will receive. I show couples my wedding photography sample albums and various on-line examples of Client Albums and HD Slideshows to review.

Not only do you want to see the best of the best, BUT you need to see how your wedding photographer cover the more basic moments of a wedding, from those small details, family portraits to pictures of your guests.

What you should look for ….. Here is a list of what I think you should be looking for those oh-so important wedding photograph’s


KNOW what ‘style’ of wedding photography you are looking for …. as a broad idea photographers describe themselves as ‘Traditional’, ‘Photojournalism’, ‘Fine Art’ and ‘Fashion’ etc although many of these styles overlap. Once you’ve chosen your favourite make sure that the photographers samples consistently reflect the style you prefer!
My style? – Have a look here for 10 reasons NOT to hire me as your wedding photographer.


If you are seeing bad poses repeated over and over in wedding photography samples, it may be a red flag for you … Your wedding photographs should reflect your personality and not feel like the same approach or style is always used and not enough attention is paid to individual differences. Look how creativity is used to make each couple’s wedding pictures unique.



Remember when requesting wedding photography samples from you photographer, if you are getting married in a house of worship or a rustic barn your photographs are going to look quite different from those taken at a beach wedding. It’s OK if the photographer has not shot at your chosen venue before, this should not put you off. I always like to meet with my clients at the chosen venue for a pre-wedding meeting or photoshoot to discuss options for your photography.


One of the most challenging parts of a wedding day for me as your wedding photographer is finding and creating the best lighting. This is especially true if you are getting married in a darker setting with little natural light. NOTE: If a photographers samples look too dark or too bright (or both), a photographer working in a setting with difficult lighting situation (such as a church that does not allow flash photography) they should be able to come up with creative solutions.



You will see some posed pictures amongst the wedding photography samples, ask yourself do the couple and their family and friends look natural and relaxed in the posed pictures or do they seem awkward and not at ease. Most people are not comfortable in front of the camera but the photographer should find ways to help them relax and create flattering images. In particular the pictures of parents and grandparents who may have a harder time posing.


This is an easy one for me – Do the couples actually look happy, in love it’s the biggest day of their lives! One of the most important things for a wedding photographer is PERSONALITY. You have to get on and feel relaxed with your photographer and that will come through in the photography from your day. Your Photographer should also understand you and your partners personalities.


A big part of a photographers role happens after the wedding day. Your pictures are edited to bring out the best in each picture and minimise flaws, for example removing a spot from brides face or small stain on the Brides Wedding Dress. Also some photographers edit pictures to appear dark and moody or light and airy. You will know for the samples what style the photographer favours and if you like the style, go for it. HOWEVER, you should not be able to tell that the wedding pictures have been edited – everyone pictured should look perfect.


Bottom line here – you should be able to see yourself in a wedding photographers sample. would you feel comfortable draped over a chaise lounge

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